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Junk car buyer in Denver Colorado buys old scrap cars and running vehicles.

By Eric Roth - February 17, 2016

That old Car, Truck, Van or SUV is ready to be gone.  Now what?  A Better Recycler gives cash for cars and other vehicles on the spot!  Call today to speak with an auto recycling expert and recieve a free quote.  We attempt to be as fair as possibe when getting rid of your old vehicle.  We will come out and tow the vehicle away for free!  If the vehicle still runs sometimes we can pay more than just the scrap value of the vehicle.  As of the date of this article the scrap price is about $90 per ton.  In all cases possible we try to get more cash for your car than just the scrap value.  Just call today and we will work with you to get the most competitive pricing for your vehicle.  Junk car removal in Denver and the metro area is our fortay!