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Colorado Auto Recycling

Junk car removal

By Eric Roth - February 17, 2016

One may underestimate the power of the auto recycling industry. According to the EPA, every year over 11 million vehicles end up at auto recycling facilities. A Better Recycler can help you find your vehicle a new home in the Denver and surrounding areas. This is important for several reasons.

First of all when vehicles are parted out through the auto recycling industry, they help keep existing vehicles on the road. Without it, one may have to dispose of their current vehicle before its potential end of life. This is pertinent in helping those who need to keep their current vehicle on the road.

The auto recycling industry is also responsible for the recycling of steel and other materials used to make cars and trucks. These materials are broken down and separated into their respective categories to be recycled for use in making new goods.

The industry does however have some regulation by the EPA because of the toxic chemicals involved in recycling cars trucks and SUVs. Hazardous waste such as lead acid batteries, engine oil, antifreeze known as engine coolant, gasoline and diesel fuel, and other fluids used for automobiles.

On a more local level, the auto recycling industry in Denver Colorado is very large. Many junk yards exist and many recycling facilities are in the Denver area. A Better Recycler can help you with your local recycling needs as we work with many recycling facilities and strive to get you top dollar for your vehicle. All while helping better our community and environment.

Getting cash for your auto so it may be recycled is a great way to not only get a little money back for your end of life vehicle, but also to help the environment. In turn, this makes you a responsible and participating member of society.

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