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Should i fix my 12 year old car? No, we explain why.

Junk car removal in Denver instead of repairing it!

By Eric Roth - February 22, 2016

Your old car, truck van or SUV has died and its time to make a decision.  Should I fix it? Or sell my junk car to A Better Recycler?  There are many factors involved in this decision.  One good way to decide whether or not to fix that old car is to look up the Kelly Blue Book Value.  Make sure you are looking up the accurate private party condition value.  You will also want to make sure to see the value for Denver since that is your market. All markets have different values. Most cars over 10 years old fall into the "fair" value when in running condition. If the vehicle has over 100,000 miles this really lowers the value.  Getting cash for your car in Denver from an auto recycler or junk car buyer may be the best option.  

Most vehicles after 10 years are worth $500-$2,000 or less in decent running condition. This makes it difficult to justify repairing that old car.  The average auto repair on a car this old is around $673.00!  Thats more than the value of the junk car in some cases, and at least 25%-50% of the value.  This is when it makes more sense to get cash for your car from a junk car buyer.   

When a vehicle is 10 years old or older the junk yards are usually packed with that type of vehicle.  This makes your car worth its weight in scrap metal. As of the date of this article the scrap vehicle value in and around Denver for junk cars is $80-90 per ton!  A far cry from the market in its peak from 1996-2014 in which values rose to as high as $300 per ton!!  Yet it still makes more sense to get some cash for your car instead of letting it sit around until you inevitibly sell it to a junk car buyer.  The market is not expected to go back up for scrap metal anytime soon.  World demand for scrap metal has dropped significantly with all the slow economies.  Global Metal prices can be tracked at  

Hopefully this article will help those in Denver looking to sell their junk car for cash.  Best of luck with your vehicle!  Feel free to call A Better Recycler at 303-929-9910 to request a vehicle valuation over the phone.