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Testimonial for Cash for Cars in Denver

Junk Car removal in Denver instead of repairing it!

Mark Johnston

"Looking for Cash for Cars in the Denver area was super easy and painless with A Better Recycler LLC! I got rid of my old junk car in a last minute pinch with them ."

My 1998 Dodge Caravan was on its last leg and I knew it.  It had been running rough for months.  FInally that old junk van kicked the bucket in the middle of the highway.  I needed cash for my van quick so I would not have to pay for a tow from the spot where it broke down to my house. I called A Better Recycler after finding them on Google typing in "cash for junk cars".  Problem solved.  They came right out and paid me cash for my van within 25 minutes!  Search no further when needing cash for cars ASAP. Thanks A Better Recycler!  

Mark J