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Selling a Junk Car in the Denver Metro Area

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By Eric Roth - March 16, 2016

The process of selling your junk car is not a complicated one but, since it is new to many, can be confusing. We hope that by providing you with how the process works and allowing you to become more educated on the situation, you will in turn feel more comfortable about our business. Whether you decide to use our services or not, we feel that we owe it to our customers to make sure they know what to expect when you go to sell your junk car.

One of the biggest things people don’t know about when they are hoping to sell their junk car is that there are different variables that help determine worth. While our core market is simply those that are truly junk, we do have other avenues and outlets for cars that may be worth more. The most important thing you can do when you are looking to sell your junk car is to make sure you have a title. Without the title, almost all auto recycling companies are limited to what they can do with your car and, unfortunately, most of these avenues don’t pay nearly as much as cars that do have a title. In turn, the companies cannot pay you as much for the car. But not having a title isn’t a deal breaker by any means. We are still interested in purchasing ALL vehicles, no matter the condition or whether or not you have the title in hand.

When you call a company like ours for a quote and to sell your junk car, make sure you have some general knowledge about it at the ready. Outside of the title, know the year, make, and model of your vehicle. Other things like the condition of the tires and knowing what’s wrong with it help us to better understand what were dealing with and, in turn, offer you the most accurate quote possible.

It’s important to ask questions of the company when you want to sell your junk car, too. Unfortunately, like many businesses, there are great ones and there are a few bad apples. Make sure that your quote includes the tow away fees. A more nefarious practice that has become more prevalent industry wide is that recycling companies will now overbid vehicles then charge astronomical towing fees to bring the bid back down to a more competitive, or inexpensive, price point. Most customers don’t want to go through the hassle of rescheduling a different company to come out once the first one is there, so they end up getting less when you sell your junk car than you could’ve gotten from another company. We hope this article has helped you and we hope that you will consider us when choosing your auto recycler.

A Better Recycler LLC